10. März 1952: A special message from Dr. Konrad Adenauer

The Development of German foreign trade in the last few years has rendered the great overseas export and raw material markets increasingly important for German economy. I therefore welcome this special edition of the "Handelsblatt" for Australia and New Zealand, and hope that it will help to forge a bridge between the German Federal Republic and the two great members of the British Commonwealth in the Pacific, and to promote the well-being of our people and the strength of the free world.

The Federal Chancellor's Views

Addressing the German Bundestag (Lower House) on 27th September 1951:

The primary objective of the policy of the Federal Republic is and remains the re-establishment of German unity in a free and unified Europe. This unity must spring from the free decision of the whole German people. The hundreds of refugees who cross the zonal frontier to the West, leaving behind all their belongings to seek shelter in the Federal Republic, are a terrifying proof of the injustice and oppression in the Soviet zone.

Addressing the foreign press in London on 21st February 1952:

The first step to turn the plans for integrating Europe into reality was the plan for a European community for coal and steel, which is inseparably bound up with the name of the French Foreign Minister, M. Robert Schuman. The economic and political advantages of this great project are patently obvious. The creation of a great European market will raise international well-being and will protect national economies against crises. Furthermore, the European community will link up the public offices and authorities of the European countries in such a manner that the period of internecine European war will virtually come to an end. It is a natural suggestion to apply the same principle in the field of defense.

The policy of welding Germany into the community of free peoples is the fundamental basis of German foreign policy. The foreign observer should not be misled in his knowledge and evaluation of the Federal Republic's foreign policy by the statements of an opposition in German which sometimes appears to be totalitarian. Great Britain and the continental unions should ensure the coordination of their mutual efforts through the establishment of standing liaison organs. The European community and the Commonwealth will then find renewed contact at a high level within the Atlantic community.

Quelle: Handelsblatt - Deutsche Wirtschaftszeitung (Australien) vom 10. März 1952.