1. April 1956

Artikel in der New York Times (Auszug)

In the constant economic strengthening of the community of free nations lies the hope for peace, freedom and well-being, German Chancellor Adenauer says.

Writing in a special New York Times supplement on Germanys economy published Sunday, the German statesman emphasizes the importance of a strong and progressive economy in countering "the many-sided communist offensive".

Text of the article by Konrad Adenauer follows:


The constant struggle between the East and West has been shifting lately to the economic field to an increasing extent. If the free world desires to counter the many-sided communist offensive, it must not only be united politically and be superior to the East in its social aims, but it must alos be able to wage economic warfare successfully.

A high level of economic efficiency has been attained in the Federal Republic of Germany - thanks to the generous help of the United States in time of need and to the German peoples tireless industry and vitality. It has enabled Germany to become an important factor in the strength in the free world. This new responsibility has made us even more aware of the constantly changing tactics of the communists and has strengthened our determination not to make any political concessions in return for economic advantages.

The conception, structure and functions of Germany's "social market economy" are evident of the basic identity of the way of life and though which unites the German people with the free world, especially with the United States. It is our objective to enable all our citizens to benefit from the progress of our economy, thus creating a sound social structure for the entire nation.

Everything that hat been accomplished in the Federal Republic in the past few years is of importance of the whole free world. We believe that the ways and means by which these achievements were effected are essentially the same as those followed in America and other western countries - namely, setting free individual initiative and promoting a sense of responsibility of each towards all. It is encouraging to note that no longer does "all" refer solely to ones own country but to the entire community of free nations.

In the constant strengthening of this community lies our hope for peace, freedom and well-being.


Quelle: United States Information Service vom 2.4.1956.