16. März 1960

Adenauer calls MRA World's hope

The Ideology of Moral Re-Armament is seen by West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer as vitally important at this stage of world affairs. His Government has awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit to Dr. Frank Buchman, founder of Moral Re-Armament. In the following Article written exclusively for the N. Y. Journal-American, Chancellor Adenauer discusses this ideology.

By Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of West Germany


At this time of confusion in Europe we need, and especially in divided Germany, an ideology that brings clarity and moral power into shaping international relations. A nation with an ideology is always on the offensive. A nation without an ideology is self-satisfied and dead.

Communism has gone through may phases - Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, now Khrushchev. But one thing has remained unaltered - its aim of world domination. We must be prepared to continue the ideological struggle for several decades yet, but I am convinced Khrushchev's grandchildren will not be Communists.

Dr. Frank Buchman, founder of Moral Re-Armament, is making a great contribution to international unity and to the establishment of social justice. A lasting memorial to his work is established in the hearts of mankind of this age. The way he has labored to establish relationships between men and nations on firm foundations of moral values will never be forgotten.

Now is the time to work more strongly than ever for European unity through MRA. A Europe in which freedom and brotherhood should reign can only be created when nations are mutually conscious of their moral responsibility. MRA has given most valuable stimulation to the great work of uniting Europe. Unless this work is carried forward, peace in the world cannot be maintained.

If all nations are to continue to live together, one of the most pressing tasks of our age it to overcome prejudices that exist between people, races and nations. In this field MRA has made an important contribution.

May it above all pass on the truth that the one real hope of nations living together in peace can only be found through a change in the human heart.

We can be grateful to the men and women of Moral Re-Armament that in this world of destruction they have had the courage to raise the banner of moral values. MRA has become a household word in postwar Germany.

The German people gratefully recognize the help which has come so readily to them through MRA. Very soon after the end of the war this ideology reached out a hand to the German people and helped them make contact again with other nations. In Western Germany MRA has worked very forcefully in the creation of good relations between management and labor.

Men and nations cannot outwardly enjoy stable relations until they have been inwardly prepared for them. In this respect MRA has rendered great lasting services.

We have seen the conclusion after some difficult negotiations of important international agreements. MRA has played an invisible but effective part in bridging differences of opinions between negotiating parties. It has kept before them the objective of peaceful agreement in search for common good which is the true purpose of human life.

Begin with yourself - that, in my opinion, is the basic challenge of MRA. May this challenge ring out far and wide across the whole world and into all nations.


Quelle: The New York Times vom 16. März 1960. [Nachdruck eines Artikels des New York Journal-American vom 31. Januar 1960.]