2. April 1953

Germany - Europe - USA

By Federal Chancellor Dr. Konrad Adenauer


The visit of a German chief of government to the United States today is a visit to friends. I am genuinely looking forward to this visit. Germany, which I am representing, has during these past weeks concluded a particularly important chapter in her post-was development. The German parliament has, by a large majority, given its consent to the treaties which integrate Germany in the European Defence Community and thus make her a partner in the comity of free nations.

For Germany this means an unequivocal and clear decision in favour of the western world in which America occupies a position of leadership today. This German decision has been made by all Germans. It is not dependent upon certain political groups or coalitions, for even the opposition in the Federal Republic has not opposed the basic aims of the treaties, but only their present form. And those Germans who today are forced to live outside the Federal Republic in the Soviet occupied zone agree unanimously - as the tens of thousands of refugees who come to us assure us with one voice - with German integration in the group of democratic nations.

Thus I shall be able in the United States truly to represent the whole of the German people o both sides of the Iron Curtain, and to say on their behalf that they desire close co-operation with the American people.

During recent years the United States has given vital aid to many European countries. We German Europeans have been particularly grateful for this help. For the catastrophe brought about by national-socialist tyranny had plunged us into unspeakable misery. American aid to Germany has played a very important part in the restoration of German social and economic life. The German part of Europe regards this American assistance as a pledge of friendship. It has raised up a Germany which unreservedly regards the U.S. as its friend. As a result, Germany's future efforts will be efforts on behalf on the West.

There is something else Germany gratefully acknowledges in recent American policy. The United States is helping us and our European neighbours to build our European community. American encouragement is giving us Germans courage in our work for Europe. We rejoice at every step which brings us nearer to European unity. The Coal and Steel Community, the Bonn Conventions, the European Defence Community, are stages in this development.

The German part of Europe is the one closest to the Communist world. This means a greater responsibility for us. In company with the U.S. and in the community of a united Europe, Germany means to work as a capable and reliable partner for the maintenance of peace and prosperity throughout the free world.


Quelle: Deutsche Korrespondenz (englische Edition). Jg.3. 1953, Nr. 13 vom 2. April.